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Nestled between the palm-shore and the gentle beach of Playa Cosón, Sublime Samana reminds us of what it means to be in paradise. With a new all-local spa, Coconut Whispers, Sublime uses the atmosphere to provide a unique experience. Coconut Whispers is a new take on what it means to be in the Samaná Peninsula, a new take on Spa identity. The coconut is the most abundant ingredient in the region making it a representation of what it means to be sequestered in this palm-filled sanctuary. Sublime Samana doesn’t want to only give a taste of paradise but wants to transcend it and deliver a spiritual experience.

Using ancient and modern techniques gathered over the years, Sublime merges two worlds into Coconut Whispers. As soon as a guest enters the soothing indoor retreat filled with orchids and rustic décor, he/she becomes a part of the experience. Enclosed in wood and nature, guests are transported to a place where no rain or harsh sun can find them both literally and figuratively.

“We wanted to create a spa that helped not just the body but the spirit as well. Our techniques are meant to make best of both worlds, using the body and spirit as natural equalizers of each other. Stress isn’t just the body but the mental and spiritual anguish as well. With Coconut Whispers, we hope to utilize our natural environment to conduct therapies that are soothing soul deep.” -Azucena Montes, Spa Director


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The summer is meant to be a time when you explore and liberate your senses. Where the mundane is just a backdrop and you discover new adventures. With so much culture, art, cuisine, and history, Europe is waiting to be explored. There are 4 cities and 1 summer, a lot of things can happen. Say yes to new opportunities and discoveries this summer!

The Derby Hotels Collection is a compilation of unique boutique hotels, joining hospitality and the love of art and design.  Each property has its unique take on the culture of the city; giving a new perspective each time you stay at one of the Derby hotels. Here are some ideas to jump-start your European adventure.

Madrid | Hotel Urban—Rooftop Yoga: Feel the wind in your hair and be amazed by the beautiful skylines.  Hotel Urban will be providing Rooftop Yoga to those who want to relax in an urban setting. Enjoying the early morning sun, and watch a city come alive. They will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 10am. The fee will be 21€ per class.


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Nestled in the rainforest The Lodge and Spa at Pico Bonito there is a 3,675 square foot spa that opened this year, integrating nature and the region's steep herb traditions. Surrounded by the vivid colors of the rainforest and the soothing sounds of the river, the spa is meant to emphasize our connection to nature and is a true wellness retreat for the body & soul.

The new outdoor spa has three circular cabins on stilts to maintain balance and harmony with the natural energies of the environment. The Spa includes one cabin for individual massage, one cabin for couples massage, one cabin with a Vichy shower, one Temazcal (a Maya-style sauna), and a nearby plunge pool.

Steeped in pre-Hispanic indigenous healing culture and traditions, the new spa uses all natural ingredients and essential oils in the aromatherapies, facials, and massage therapies.


There is an air about Santo Domingo as if the past hits the present and leaves one speechless. Almost as if stranded in time. The vibrant city with its colorful displays of art, eclectic restaurants, and rhythmic ambience make it a must-see tourist spot. The perfect base to explore the historic city is Casas del XVI, a boutique hotel made from various restored houses in the Colonial City bringing a romantic aesthetic and a snapshot of the past.

Casas del XVI strives to give you a unique experience of Santo Domingo. We have some suggestions on how to make your weekend a true delight and unforgettable.



The Lodge at Pico Bonito was recommended by The New York Times on October 8, 2015 for "privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery." The Times named it one of 8 Hidden Tropical Island Resorts to Explore. Check out the full article by clicking the image below.


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